Business Promotion Insurance

Is there a special time of the year when you would like to promote you business and boost sales? If so then an insured business promotion will help you achieve your objectives.

The key to a successful promotion is selecting an event in which the public have an interest and which corresponds to when you would like to increase sales. For example, if you are looking to enhance sales for Christmas, you could offer to refund the purchase price of the goods bought during your promotion if it snows on Christmas day.

Prize Insurance That Will Fit Your Companies Needs

Other examples of purchase price refund promotions include

  1. If it rains more than ½ inch on Bank Holiday Monday
  2. If a British player wins Wimbledon
  3. If a selected professional golfer scores a hole-in-one during a certain golf tournament
  4. If a named footballer scores a hatrick in a match
  5. If the temperature exceeds 100 degrees on a specified day
  6. If lucky number seven is drawn as the bonus ball in the lottery
  7. If the last two digits of the closing stock market index are 00 or any two other pre selected digits

Promotion Insurance For Many Different Types Of Business Promotions

In each case, you decide how much you would like to insure for (you anticipated sales) and then pay an agreed insurance premium. Should the event insured against happen, the insurers will meet the cost of the refunds due under the terms of your sales promotion. With this type of insurance, you will be quoted a rate percent on sales. This means that the cost of insurance is directly linked to your actual sales making it easy to budget.

Prize Indemnity Insurance can also be used as a means of attracting the public along to your sale or special event. In this instance, you offer everyone who turns up the chance to win a fabulous prize which is insured. Here are some examples

  1. Roll-a-Dice Insurance
  2. Contestants roll six or seven dice and if they all come up six they win the Insured Prize.
  3. Safe Cracker Insurance
  4. Contestants try to open a Perspex Safe by entering numbers into a digital key pad. If they guess the right combination, the door will open and they will win the Insured Prize.

These games can also be played at exhibitions where you wish to attract people to your stand.

Finally, Prize Insurance can be used to add an exciting prize where you intend to give away a number of uninsured prizes as well. Suppose for example, you wanted to give away a £15,000 car. You could instead offer the winner of your competition the chance to pick one envelope from 100 on offer. 99 of these envelopes would contain a note to the effect that the contestant has won a new car whilst the remaining envelope would say that the contestant has won the jackpot prize of £1,000,000.

If you would like to stage a prize or purchase refund promotion why not give us a call on 0800 833 863 (++44 207 929 6814). We will be able to suggest possible promotions and give you premium indications.

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